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Stock Trading

Educate yourself in different types of stock trading, so that you can decide upon what to analyze and how to analyse. The question, what type of stock trader you want to become depends on your understanding of 'yourself' and your knowledge of different types of trading. Different type of trading demands different types of personality. You have to decide to go with what suits you.

Day Trading

It is a type of stock trading where both buying and selling of a financial instrument is done on the same day and all the tradings are closed before the market close for the day. Traders who participate in day trading are called active traders or day traders. Day trading demands fast decision and fast action. This type of stock trading is not advisable for a beginner.

Short Term Trading

A trade period of more than one day to a few weeks is considered as short term trade. A stock is bought and held in position from one day to a few weeks. A short trade is entered by creating a sell position, which is covered by buying after one day or in a few weeks.

Medium Term Trading

A trade period from a few weeks to a few months is considered as medium term trade. A trend is followed with tailoring stop loss. Swing trading with higher time period (for example using weekly bars) and Elliot wave trading are the methods suitable for this types of stock trading.

Long Term Trading

In this type of stock trading, stock is held for many months to many years. Investment decision is made by fundamental analysis of a stock. Profit from growth of the company, dividends and bonuses attracts this type of stock trading.

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